Technical Program — Wednesday, June 12, 2013

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  • Presentations are listed by the LAST name of the first author.
  • Speakers should allow 5 minutes of their time for questions and answers.
  • Posters should be prepared to fit within an area 46”x46” (117cm x 117cm). They will be mounted with push pins.

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Type Time ID First Author Title
Session WPL: Plenary II — Stanford East and West
Invited 8:30 WPL-1 Dunne, Mike National Ignition Facility - Status and Future Plans
Invited 9:15 WPL-2 Lee, Gyung-Su Korean Fusion Roadmap: K-Demo Design and R&D Plan
Session WO1: Experimental Devices, Fusion Development I — Stanford East
Invited 10:30 WO1-1 Federici, Gianfranco EU DEMO Design and R&D Studies
Invited 10:50 WO1-2 Taylor, T. S. Readiness / Risks for Fusion Next-Steps
Invited 11:10 WO1-3 Oh, Yeong-Kook KSTAR Accomplishments and Plans in Support of Fusion Next-Steps
Invited 11:30 WO1-4 Wirth, Brian Opportunities for Fusion Materials Science and Technology Research Now and During the ITER Era
Invited 11:50 WO1-5 Buttery, Richard DIII-D Accomplishments and Plans in Support of Fusion Next-Steps
Oral 12:10 WO1-6 Van Houtte, Didier The West Project: a Major Upgrade of Tore Supra for Preparing ITER Operation in a Tungsten Environment

Session WO2: IFE Drivers and Targets — Stanford West
Invited 10:30 WO2-1 Nikroo, Abbas Target Fabrication for NIF and Inertial Fusion Energy
Invited 10:50 WO2-2 Betti, Riccardo Progress Toward Hydro-Equivalent Conventional Ignition and Shock Ignition for Direct Drive ICF
Invited 11:10 WO2-3 Awe, Thomas Magnetically Driven Implosions (MDIs) for Inertial Fusion Energy with Pulsed Power
Invited 11:30 WO2-4 Anklam, T. M. Commercialization of Laser Inertial Fusion Energy (LIFE) - A Systems Approach
Oral 11:50 WO2-5 Harding, David Status and Challenges for Mass-Producing Inertial Fusion Energy Targets Using an Automated Electromechanical Microfluidic Process
Oral 12:05 WO2-6 (Moved to to Poster Session TPO)  
Oral 12:05 WO2-7 Scott, Sarah-Jane Accelerated Evaporative Drying of RF Foam for Target Fabrication

Session WO3: Integration and Management — Gold Suite
Invited 10:30 WO3-1 Bykov, Victor Numerical Modeling in the Construction of Wendelstein 7-X
Invited 10:50 WO3-2 Neubauer, Olaf Approaches to Numerical Modeling in the Development Process of Complex Structures for Fusion Devices
Oral 11:10 WO3-3 Harman, Jonathan The Application of Systems Engineering Principles to the EU Demo Design and R&D Studies
Oral 11:30 WO3-4 Salasca, Sophie  Diagnostic Integration Issues in the Tore Supra Upgrade Project WEST
Oral 11:45 WO3-5 Kuehn, Ingo Management of the ITER Configuration Towards Construction Phase
Oral 12:15 WO3-6 Brown, Richard The Development of a Methodology to Allocate Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Inspectability Requirements to DEMO

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