Technical Program — Thursday, June 13, 2013

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  • Speakers should allow 5 minutes of their time for questions and answers.
  • Posters should be prepared to fit within an area 46”x46” (117cm x 117cm). They will be mounted with push pins.

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Type Time ID First Author Title
Session ThPL: Plenary III — Stanford East and West
Invited 8:30 ThPL-1 Ulrickson, Michael Lesson Learned from the Design of ITER Internal Components
Invited 9:15 ThPL-2 Alejaldre, Carlos Lessons Learned in the Licensing Process of the First Nuclear Installation in Fusion, ITER
Invited 10:00 ThPL-3 Klinger, Thomas Wendelstein 7-X Construction and Future Research Directions
Session ThO1: Experimental Devices, Fusion Development II — Stanford East
Invited 11:15 ThO1-1 Knaster, Juan (by Pérez, Mario) IFMIF: Steps Toward Realization
Oral 11:25 ThO1-2 WU, Yican R&D Activities of Multi-Functional Fusion Test Reactor
Invited 11:50 ThO1-3 Laberge, Michel Acoustically Driven Magnetized Target Fusion
Oral 12:10 ThO1-4 Sykes, Alan The Spherical Tokamak Path to Fusion Power, Revisited

Session ThO2: PMI, First Wall, and Divertors I — Stanford West
Invited 11:15 ThO2-1 Peacock, Alan Wendelstein 7-X High Heat Flux Components
Invited 11:35 ThO2-2 Lumsdaine, Arnold Wendelstein 7-X High Heat-Flux Divertor Scraper Element
Invited 11:55 ThO2-3 Neu, Rudolf Tungsten Experiences in ASDEX Upgrade and JET
Oral 12:15 ThO2-4 Harrison, Soren
(by Vieira, Rui)
Design of the C-Mod Advanced Outer Divertor

Session ThO3: MFE Magnets and Power Supplies — Gold Suite
Invited 11:15 ThO3-1 Neumeyer, Charles ITER Power Supply Innovations and Advancements
Oral 11:35 ThO3-2 Woolley, Robert  Radial Cooling of a Spherical Torus (ST) TF Centerpost
Oral 11:50 ThO3-3 Ferro, Alberto Critical Revision of the RFX-mod AC/DC Conversion System Design and Possible Improvements
Oral 12:05 ThO3-4 Erickson, Keith NSTX-U Digital Coil Protection System Software Design 

    Lunch Break
Session ThPO: Poster II — Stanford East and West
14:00 - 16:00
    ThPO-1 Atnafu, Neway NSTX-U Vacuum Vessel Design Modification
    ThPO-2 Song, Xiao The Investigation Programme of Plasma Discharge on HL-2A Tokamak
    ThPO-3 Wan, Baonian Physics of CFETR
    ThPO-4 Liu, Jian Investigation of Field Null for HL-2M Tokamak Start Up 
    ThPO-5 Sykes, Alan The ST25 Tokamak for Rapid Technological Development
    ThPO-6 (Withdrawn)  
    ThPO-7 (Withdrawn)  
    ThPO-8 Ribeiro, Celso Equilibrium Features of Bean-Shaped Spherical Tokamak Plasmas with an Ergodic Limiter
    ThPO-9 Vargas, Ivan Engineering Issues to the Stellarator of Costa Rica 1 (SCR-1)
    ThPO-10 (Withdrawn)  
    ThPO-11 Schuster, E. Fluctuation Mitigation and Azimuthal Velocity Profile Regulation by Extremum Seeking in HELCAT 
    ThPO-12 Ribeiro, Celso Plasma Centre-Post for Spherical Tokamaks
    ThPO-13 Lopez, Jose A Method of Increasing the Rate of Nuclear Fusion Inside an IEC Device
    ThPO-14 Clark, A. W. Proto-CIRCUS Tilted-Coil Tokamak-Stellarator Hybrid: Construction and Field Line Mapping
    ThPO-15 Commin, Lorelei Assessment of Copper Based Materials for the Water-Cooled Divertor Concept of the Demo European Fusion Reactor
    ThPO-16 Igitkhanov, Yuri Energy and Particle Impact on W Surface for the Case of Repetitive ELMs and RE Electrons in Demo Plasmas
    ThPO-17 Boscary, Jean Development Activities for the Target Elements of the Wendelstein 7-X Divertor
    ThPO-18 Boyd, Ronald Thermal Management Using a Hypervapotron; Part III: Summary of Controlling Parameters
    ThPO-19 (Withdrawn)  
    ThPO-20 Grieveson, Eleanor Investigation into Irradiation Effects in ODS-Alloys Using Ion Implantation and Micromechanical Testing
    ThPO-22 Wong, Clement  PSI Studies at DIII-D
    ThPO-23 Jaksic, Nikola Thermo-Mechanical Investigation of the New Solid Tungsten Divertor Tile for Special-Purposes at ASDEX Upgrade
    ThPO-24 Passoni, Matteo Nanostructured Tungsten Films for Exposure to High-Flux Deuterium Plasmas
    ThPO-25 (Withdrawn)  
    ThPO-26 Xu, Weiwei Dynamic Analysis of the Plasma Facing Components and Their Supports under Electromagnetic Loading for EAST
    ThPO-27 Glazunov, Dmitry Design Confirmation for the ITER Enhanced Heat Flux First Wall
    ThPO-28 (Withdrawn)  
    ThPO-29 Gonderman, Sean Grain Size Effects in Nanostructured Tungsten Materials for Magnetic Fusion Applications
    ThPO-30 Fiflis, Peter Wetting Properties of Liquid Lithium on Select Fusion Relevant Surfaces
    ThPO-31 Vetcha, Naveen Development and Validation of Reliable CFD Model for the Design of Next Generation PFCs
    ThPO-32 Kupriyanov, Igor Impact of High Transient Plasma Loads on Beryllium Damage
    ThPO-33 Youchison, Dennis Fault Analysis of Plasma Facing Component Mounts Using Multiphysics Simulation
    ThPO-34 Roquemore, Lane Upward Facing Lithium Flash Evaporator for NSTX-U
    ThPO-35 Kim, Suk-Kwon Results of the Qualification Test for ITER Blanket First Wall Small-Scale Mockups in Korea
    ThPO-36 Kim, SungHun Evaluation of Thermal Conductivity of Unidirectional SiC Composite Enhanced With Carbon Fibers
    ThPO-37 Krishnan, Deepu Optimization of Functionally Graded Materials for Plasma Facing Components by Finite Element Methods
    ThPO-38 Gwon, Hyoseong Anisotropic Heat Transfer Characteristics of Composite Material Enhanced with High Thermal Conductivity Fiber
    ThPO-39 Norajitra, Prachai He-Cooled Divertor: Study on Low-Temperature Design Using Ta Alloy as Thimble Material
    ThPO-40 (Withdrawn)  
    ThPO-41 (Withdrawn)  
    ThPO-42 Neff, Anton Chemical Behavior and Physical Diffusion of Lithium Coatings on Bulk Tungsten under Medium to High Fluence Deuterium and Helium Ion Irradiation
    ThPO-43 (Withdrawn)  
    ThPO-44 Lore, Jeremy Physics and Engineering Design of the Divertor Scraper Element for the W7-X Stellarator
    ThPO-45 Khodak, Andrei Numerical Analysis and Optimization of Divertor Cooling System
    ThPO-46 Doody, Jeffrey Modeling Technique to Predict Fields, Currents and Loads for C-Mod’s Advanced Outer Divertor During a Disruption with a 2ma Plasma Current and 9t Toroidal Field
    ThPO-47 Tresemer, Kelsey Modification of NSTX-U Row 1 Outboard and Inboard Divertor Tiles for the Protection of the PF-1C Coils
    ThPO-48 Cereceda Senas, David Parameterization of Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulations of Single Dislocation Motion in Tungsten
    ThPO-49 Echols, J. R. Evaluation of Material Erosion from Plasma-Facing Surfaces in Hard Disruptions via Simulated Ablation Due to Heat Flux in Electrothermal Discharges
    ThPO-50 Konishi, Satoshi Heat Transfer Design of an Innovative Divertor Component
    ThPO-51 Gurrola-Gonzales, J. First Results from the Liquid Lithium Film Experiment (LiLiFEx)
    ThPO-52 Mirnov, Sergey Experimental Test of Cryogenic Target as Online Lithium Evacuator in Tokamak T-11M
    ThPO-53 Tokunaga, Kazutoshi Elasto Plastic Analyses of Thermal Stress Induced by High Heat Loading on Tungsten Materials
    ThPO-54 Garoz Gomez, David Development of Materials for the First Wall of a Nuclear Fusion Reactor
    ThPO-55 Dalla Palma, Mauro Hardening Parameters for Modelling CuCrZr and OFHC Copper under Cyclic Loadings
    ThPO-56 Thakkar, Dipalkumar Filament Power Supplies (AC-AC Converters) and Their Design for Long Pulse Neutral Beam Injector of SST-1
    ThPO-57 Spaeh, Peter The ITER ECH&CD Upper Launcher: Steps Towards Final Structural Design of the First Confinement System
    ThPO-58 Pilan, Nicola Effect of Magnetic Field on Voltage Holding in the MITICA Electrostatic Accelerator
    ThPO-59 Ding, Ning Simulational Studies of the Wire-Array Z-Pinch Implosions
    ThPO-60 Xiao, Delong Theoretical and Experimental Investigations on the Interaction of Wire-Array Z-Pinch with Low Density Foam
    ThPO-61 Pesce, Alberto Study of Protection Strategies Against Breakdown Effects in the SPIDER Experiment
    ThPO-62 Ahmed, Irfan An Alternative Design Concept for the DNB Calorimeter Motion Mechanism
    ThPO-63 Murray, Richard Attachment of Ferrite Material Used in an Active Matching Network for LHCD on Alcator C-Mod
    ThPO-64 Veltri, Pierluigi Optimization of Beam Optics and Strategies for Focusing the Multi-Beamlet Accelerator of the MITICA Injector
    ThPO-65 Koert, Peter Operation of a Double Stub Tuner for Alcator C-Mod Lower Hybrid Current Drive System
    ThPO-66 Guilhem, Dominique  Radio Frequency Additional Heating Systems Issues for the Tore-Supra West Project
    ThPO-67 Delmas, Etienne The ITER Neutral Beam Vacuum Vessel Design
    ThPO-68 Cengher, Mirela Upgrades and Performance of the Electron Cyclotron Heating System on DIII-D
    ThPO-69 Pavei, Mauro Molybdenum Armour Layer on Copper Plates: Manufacturing Technologies and Tests of Prototypes
    ThPO-70 Greenough, Nevell A New High-Efficiency Stepper Motor Driver for Old Technology Stepper Motors
    ThPO-71 Sartori, Emanuele Beam Transport and Interactions with Beam-Line Components in MITICA Injector
    ThPO-72 Zhang, Tianxi Two-Stage Heating Mechanism for Plasma Fusion at 10 MK
    ThPO-73 Lumsdaine, Arnold Multiphysics Modeling of Components for the ITER ECH Waveguide
    ThPO-74 Li, Ge Electrical Fault Protection System for Fusion Devices
    ThPO-75 Oda, Yasuhisa A Study of Mode Conversion and Output Beam Profile in Long Distance Corrugated Waveguide Transmission Line
    ThPO-76 (Withdrawn)  
    ThPO-77 Arambhadiya, Bharatkumar Design Status of ITER IC H&CD Plant System Control
    ThPO-78 Sharma, Promod 3.7 GHz 500kW CW Klystron Operation at Full Power for SST1 LHCD System
    ThPO-79 Chitarin, Giuseppe Control of the Magnetic Field Configuration in the MITICA Neutral Beam Injector
    ThPO-80 Rotti, Chandramouli Design of Beam Dump for Spider Facility
    ThPO-81 Ellis, Robert Development of Steady-State Mirrors for the KSTAR ECH Launchers
    ThPO-82 Kung, Chun Dynamic RF Power Control for DIII-D ICH/Fast Wave Operation
    ThPO-83 Rasmussen, Dave ITER Ion and Electron Cyclotron Transmission Line: Design Status and Design Validation Tests
    ThPO-84 Bansal, Gourab Negative Hydrogen Ion Density and Extraction Current Measurements in RF Based Negative Ion Source, ROBIN, at IPR
    ThPO-85 Shukla, Braj Commissioning of 42GHz/500kW ECRH System on Tokamak SST-1
    ThPO-86 Andruczyk, Daniel A Method to Produce Lithium Pellets for Fueling and ELM Pacing in NSTX-U
    ThPO-87 Chung, Kyoung-Jae Characteristics of Rail Gun Plasma as a Small-scale ELM Simulator
    ThPO-88 Esmond, Micah Optimization of Capillary Source Geometry for Maximum Pellet Exit Velocity in Electrothermal Plasma Launchers
    ThPO-89 Driscoll, S. A. A Computational Study of Fusion Fuel Pellet Volume and Geometry Effects on Release Pressure and Velocity
    ThPO-90 Dayton, Matthew To be presented Tuesday between TPO-78 and TPO-79
    ThPO-91 Patel, Jatinkumar VME Based Data Acquisition and Control System for Gyrotron Based ECRH System on SST-1
    ThPO-92 Zhao, D. Polarization-Resolved Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for In-situ Compositional Analysis of Deposited Layers of Fusion Devices
    ThPO-93 Zheng, Guozhen The Preliminary Design of Global Interlock System in J-Text
    ThPO-94 Zhai, Yuhu Eddy Current and Potential Gap Voltage at Electrical Contacts of ITER Diagnostic First Walls and Shield Modules During Plasma Disruption
    ThPO-95 Dalla Palma, Mauro Design and R&D for MITICA Thermal Sensors
    ThPO-96 Bansal, Laxmi Kant Signal Conditioning & Data Acquisition System for Neutral Beam Calorimeter for NBI SST-1
    ThPO-97 Encheva, Anna Assembly and Installation of ITER in-Vessel Electrical Looms
    ThPO-98 Zheng, Wei A Remote Control System for Tokamak Based on Web Service
    ThPO-99 (Withdrawn)  
    ThPO-100 Yao, Lieming The Charge Exchange Recombination Spectroscopy Diagnostic on HL-2A Tokamak
    ThPO-101 Dalla Palma, M. Design and Test of a Thermal Measurement System Prototype for Spider Experiment
    ThPO-102 Le, Hoang Bao The Digital Control System for the TCV Tokamak
    ThPO-103 Burke, William First Applications for the Xilinx Zynq Extensible Processing Platform on Alcator C-Mod
    ThPO-104 Kiss, Gabor ITER Disruption Mitigation System Development and Port Plug Integration
    ThPO-105 Wang, Bo Level Monitoring Technology of Liquid Metal Alloy for DFLL-TBM
    ThPO-106 Gao, Qingsheng A New Method and Experiment for Real-Time Three-Dimensional Displacement Measurement of EAST Magnets Based on Computer Vision
    ThPO-107 Yang, Yao First Consideration of Diagnostic System for Chinese Fusion Engineering Testing Reactor (CFETR)
    ThPO-108 Delogu, Rita Optical Layout and Alignment Methods for Visible Tomography and Emission Spectroscopy Diagnostics in Spider
    ThPO-109 Zolfaghari, Ali Mechanical Design of the ITER Low Field Side Reflectometer Diagnostic System
    ThPO-110 Greenough, Nevell A Magnet Current Monitor for Gyrotron Magnet Power Supplies
    ThPO-111 Bedoya, Carlos Upgrade Of The Materials Analysis Particle Probe (MAPP) Plasma-Facing Component Diagnostic
    ThPO-112 Odyniec, Michal Effect of the Measurement vs. the Counting Errors in Neutron Tomography Analysis
    ThPO-113 Tchilinguirian, Gregory Digital Coil Protection System I/O and Data Subsystem for NSTX-U
    ThPO-114 DeLuca, S. Reconfigurable Timing Unit for NSTX-U
    ThPO-116 Wang, Songke Electromagnetic Behavior on ITER Radial Soft X-Ray Camera
    ThPO-117 Gauthier, Eric Divertor Erosion Monitoring in ITER Using 2-Wavelength Speckle
    ThPO-118 (Withdrawn)  
    ThPO-119 Riva, Marco Hardware Requirements for Digital Nuclear Radiation Spectroscopy
    ThPO-120 Neri, Carlo Status of the Design Refinement and the Characterisation of the in Vessel Viewing System for ITER
    ThPO-121 Mueller, Dennis Analysis of Loop Voltage Difference for Vertical Control on KSTAR
    ThPO-122 Serianni, Gianluigi Design and Preliminary Measurements of a Diagnostic Calorimeter for BATMAN
    ThPO-124 Valdivia, Maria Pia Development of Talbot-Lau Phase-Contrast Method for High Energy Density Diagnostics
    ThPO-125 Ilhan, Zeki Optimal Closed-Loop Control of the Azimuthal Velocity Profile by ExB Actuation in HELCAT
    ThPO-126 Hatcher, Ronald Digital Coil Protection System for the National Spherical Torus Experiment Upgrade
    ThPO-127 Nagy, A. A Fast RF Power Diagnostics for the DIII-D Fast Wave Current Drive System Using Commercial FPGA-Based Systems
    ThPO-128 Klix, Axel Neutronics Instrumentation for the European ITER TBM
    ThPO-129 Penaflor, Benjamin Latest Advancements in the DIII-D Plasma Control System
    ThPO-130 Hyatt, Alan Designing, Constructing and Using Plasma Control System Algorithms on DIII-D
    ThPO-131 (Withdrawn)  
    ThPO-132 Nakamura, Kazuo Shape Reconstruction of RF-Driven Divertor Plasma on QUEST
    ThPO-133 Richert, Torsten Diagnostic Neutral Beam Injector for Wendelstein W7-X
    ThPO-134 Youssef, Mahmoud Assessment and Optimization of the Interspace Dose Rate of the Diagnostics Equatorial Port Plug #3 in ITER with ATTILA
Session ThO4: PMI, First Wall, and Divertors II — Stanford East
Invited 16:30 ThO4-1 El-Atwani, Osman In-Situ TEM Irradiation-Driven Damage on Nanostructured Tungsten Materials as Potential Future Burning Plasma Device PFC Surface Coatings
Oral 16:50 ThO4-2 Konishi, Satoshi Heat Transfer Design of an Innovative Divertor Component
Oral 17:05 ThO4-3 Zhou, Lihua Heat Transfer Simulation of C-Mod Advanced Outer Divertor
Oral 17:20 ThO4-4 Ramos, Gonzalo Deuterium Retention in Tungsten at Fuego Nuevo II

Session ThO5: Safety and Environmental Engineering — Stanford West
Invited 16:30 ThO5-1 Reyes, Susana Developing the Safety Basis for Laser Inertial Fusion Energy
Invited 16:50 ThO5-2 Heo, Gyunyoung Korean Activities on Fusion Safety
Oral 17:10 ThO5-3 (Withdrawn)  
Oral 17:10 ThO5-4 Di Pace, Luigi Feasibility Study of Validating Activation Corrosion Products Calculations in Cooling Water Loops at Jet
Oral 17:25 ThO5-5 Cadwallader, Lee Failure Rate Adjustment Factors for High Technology Components

Session ThO6: Fabrication and Assembly II — Gold Suite
Invited 16:30 ThO6-1 Braeuer, Torsten W7-X Precision Metrology
Oral 16:50 ThO6-2 (Withdrawn)  
Oral 16:50 ThO6-3 Baylard, Christophe Concurrent Engineering and Mechanical Integration in the Experimental Hall of Wendelstein 7-X: Issue, Solutions, Lessons Learned


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