Technical Program — Friday, June 14, 2013

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  • Presentations are listed by the LAST name of the first author.
  • Speakers should allow 5 minutes of their time for questions and answers.
  • Posters should be prepared to fit within an area 46”x46” (117cm x 117cm). They will be mounted with push pins.

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Type Time ID First Author Title
Session FO1: Experimental Devices, Fusion Development III — Stanford East
Invited 8:30 FO1-1 Imagawa, Shinsaku LHD Accomplishments/plans in Support of Fusion Next-Steps
Invited 8:50 FO1-2 Whyte, Dennis Alcator C-Mod Accomplishments & Plans in Support of Fusion Next-Steps
Invited 9:10 FO1-3 Treutterer, Wolfgang Real Time Control of Plasma Performance on ASDEX Upgrade and Its Implications for ITER
Oral 9:30 FO1-4 Kessel, C. E. Systems Analysis Exploration of Operating Points for the Korean Demo Program
Oral 9:45 FO1-5 Kammash, Terry Power Production and Environmental Aspects of a Fusion-Hybrid Reactor

Session FO2: Chambers, Blankets, and Shields — Stanford West
Invited 8:30 FO2-1 Raffray, Rene ITER Blanket Engineering Challenges and Solutions
Invited 8:50 FO2-2 Boccaccini, Lorenzo Virgilio Relevance of TBM Programme to Demo Power and Tritium Extraction
Oral 9:10 FO2-3 Ioki, Kimihiro In-Service Inspection and Instrumentation for ITER Vacuum Vessel
Oral 9:25 FO2-4 Kotulski, Joseph Transient Electromagnetic Analysis of Selected Blanket Modules of the ITER Blanket System Due to Plasma Disruption
Oral 9:40 FO2-5 Katoh, Yutai Development and Progress in SiC Composite Integration Technology for Fusion Energy

Session FO3: Tritium — Gold Suite
Invited 8:30 FO3-1 Shmayda, Walter Evaluation of Tritium Capture Systems
Invited 8:50 FO3-2 (Withdrawn)  
Oral 8:50 FO3-3 Wang, Heyi Preliminary Considerations of D-T Fuel Recycling and Tritium Safety System for CFETR
Oral 9:05 FO3-4 Franza, Fabrizio Tritium Permeation Issues for Helium-Cooled Breeding Blankets

Session FPL: Plenary IV — Stanford East and West
Invited 10:40 FPL-1 Karasik, Max Inertial Fusion Energy with Direct Drive and KrF Lasers
Invited 11:25 FPL-2 Wan, Yuanxi Design and Strategy for CFETR
Invited 12:10 FPL-3 Spears, William JT-60SA Construction and Research Directions
  12:55 FPL-4 Meier, Wayne
Neilson, Hutch
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