Technical Program — Tuesday, June 11, 2013

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Type Time ID First Author Title
Session TPL: Plenary I — Stanford East and West
  8:30 TPL-1 Meier, Wayne
Neilson, Hutch
Welcome and Introduction
Invited 9:00 TPL-2 Haange, Remmelt  ITER Engineering Integration Challenges 
Invited 9:45 TPL-3 Romanelli, Francesco The European Fusion Roadmap
Session TO1: Experimental Devices I — Stanford East
Invited 11:00 TO1-1 Menard, Jonathan  NSTX Accomplishments and NSTX Upgrade Research Plans in Support of Fusion Next-Steps
Invited 11:20 TO1-2 Morris, William  MAST Accomplishments/Plans in Support of Fusion Next-Steps
Oral 11:40 TO1-3 Milnes, Joseph  MAST Upgrade - Progress and Engineering Challenges
Invited 12:00 TO1-4 Song, Yuntao EAST Accomplishments/Plans in Support of Fusion Next-Steps
Oral 12:15 TO1-5 Bosch, Hans-Stephan Preparation of the Wendelstein 7-X Commissioning

Session TO2: Magnets I — Stanford West
Invited 11:00 TO2-1 Daly, Edward Design and Manufacturing Studies for Iter in-Vessel Coils
Invited 11:20 TO2-2 Everitt, David ITER Central Solenoid Design
Invited 11:40 TO2-3 Smith, John ITER Central Solenoid Module Fabrication
Oral 12:00 TO2-4 Rummel, Thomas The Current Leads of the Wendelstein 7-X Superconducting Magnet System
Invited 12:15 TO2-5 Raftopoulos, Steve NSTX-Upgrade Magnet Design and Fabrication

Session TO3: MFE Fueling, Exhaust, and Vacuum Systems — Gold Suite
Invited 11:00 TO3-1 Combs, Stephen A Review of Pellet Injection Technology and Applications
Invited 11:20 TO3-2 Day, Christian Exhaust Pumping of DT Fusion Devices: Current State-of-the-art and a Potential Roadmap to a Power Plant
Invited 11:40 TO3-3 Baylor, Larry Magnetic Fusion Applications and Experimental Results Using Cryogenic Pellet Injection
Oral 12:00 TO3-4 Giegerich, Thomas The THESEUS Facility - A Test Environment for the Torus Exhaust Vacuum Pumping System of a Fusion Power Plant
Oral 12:15 TO3-5 (Withdrawn)  
Oral 12:15 TO3-6 Gebhart, T. E.

A Computational Study of Lithium Solid Propellants for Magnetic Confinement Fusion Fueling

    Lunch Break
Session TPO: Poster I — Stanford East and West
14:00 - 16:00
    TPO-1 El-Guebaly, Laila TBR and Shielding Analyses in Support of ST-FNSF Study
    TPO-2 Brown, Thomas Progress in Developing the ST-FNSF Configuration
    TPO-3 Menard, Jonathan ST-FNSF Mission and Performance Dependence on Device Size
    TPO-4 Raman, Roger Design Description of the Coaxial Helicity Injection System on NSTX-U
    TPO-5 Canik, John Power and Particle Exhaust in an ST-FNSF
    TPO-6 (Withdrawn)  
    TPO-7 Zheng, Guoyao Preliminary Consideration on a Copper-Coil Fusion Test Reactor
    TPO-8 Brown, Thomas Progress in Developing the K-Demo Device Configuration
    TPO-9 Porton, Michael Balance of Plant Challenges for a Near-Term EU Demonstration Power Plant
    TPO-10 Neilson, Hutch Facilities for Quasi-Axisymmetric Stellarator Research
    TPO-11 Song, Yuntao Concept Design of CFETR Tokamak Machine
    TPO-12 Jiang, Jieqiong Economic Analysis of Super-Conductor and Copper Design of China Fusion Engineering Test Reactor
    TPO-13 Bernardi, Davide Engineering Design and Steady State Thermomechanical Analysis of the IFMIF European Lithium Target System
    TPO-14 Surrey, Elizabeth Application of Accelerator Based Neutron Sources in Materials Research
    TPO-15 Luo, Zhengping Optimization of the Snowflake Diverted Equilibria in CFETR
    TPO-16 Jenkins, Ian Scoping Studies for NBI Launch Geometry on DEMO 
    TPO-17 Neuberger, Heiko Design Integrated System for Power Plant Development
    TPO-18 Hiwatari, Ryoji Plasma Performance Required for Fusion Power Control Considering Grid Operation in Demo-CREST
    TPO-19 Perez-Gamboa, M. L. Optimization of Fusion-Fission Hybrid Reactor Fuel Composition
    TPO-20 Feng, Kaiming New Progress on Design and R&D of the Solid Breeder Test Blanket Module in China
    TPO-21 Shi, Shanshuang A Global Mechanical Analysis and Optimization of Vacuum Vessel and Attached Structure of KTX Device
    TPO-22 Lee, Young-Seok A Preliminary Concept Design Study of Blanket for Korean Demo Reactor (K-DEMO)
    TPO-23 Doshi, Bharatkumar Design and Manufacture of the ITER Cryostat
    TPO-24 Sawan, Mohamed Benchmark Calculations for the Starter Fendl-3.0 General Purpose Neutron Library with Impact on ITER Analysis
    TPO-25 Wang, Weihua Numerical Analysis Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer of Fuel Particles and Liquid Metal for Waste Transmutation Blanket
    TPO-26 Feng, Yongjin Performance of Beryllium Pebbles Using Rotating Electrode Process
    TPO-27 Zhang, Xiujie Numerical Analysis of Coupling MHD Rectangular Duct Flows
    TPO-28 Liu, Changle A Multi-Layer Breeding Blanket Concept for CFETR Based on PWR Water Condition
    TPO-29 Calderoni, Pattrick Assessment of Commercially Available Sensors for Application to Test Blanket Systems Instrumentation
    TPO-30 Wang, Hongyan Analysis of LiPb Slug Flow Inside Channel with Thin Wall in the SLL Blanket
    TPO-31 Koehly, Christina  Flow Distribution Systems for Liquid Metal Cooled Blankets
    TPO-32 Noh, Chang Hyun Structural Analysis of the ITER Thermal Shield
    TPO-33 Lee, Dong Won Functional Components Design and Analysis of a Korean HCCR TBM in ITER
    TPO-34 Li, Kunfeng Characterization of Precipitates in CLAM Steel with Atom Probe Tomography
    TPO-35 Peng, Lei Tensile and Impact Properties of CLAM Steel as ITER-China-TBM Candidate Structural Material after 1.25 dpa Neutron Irradiation
    TPO-36 Jun, Chang Structural Analysis Work on ITER Vacuum Vessel
    TPO-37 Moro, Fabio Applications of MCCAD for the Automatic Generation of MCNP 3D Models in Fusion Neutronics
    TPO-38 Vaccaro, Alessandro THE ITER EC-H&CD Upper Launcher: FEM Analyses of the Blanket Shield Module with Respect to Surface and Nuclear Heat Loads
    TPO-39 Ying, Alice Considerations of Transient Electromagnetic Forces in Structural Behaviors for ITER Shield Blanket Components
    TPO-40 Shin, Kyu In Structural Design Analysis Considering Contact Stress between KO HCCR TBM Sub-Modules for ITER
    TPO-41 Savoldi Richard, Laura Analysis of Flow Distribution and Pressure Drop in a Regular Sector of the ITER Vacuum Vessel
    TPO-42 Zanino, Roberto Thermal-Hydraulic Effects of the Nuclear Heat Load on a Regular Sector of the ITER Vacuum Vessel
    TPO-43 Tucker, Justin Further Experimental Validation of Continuum FEM Simulation for Ceramic Breeder Pebble Bed Units
    TPO-44 Huang, Q. Influence of Magnetic Field on the Corrosion of Clam and 316L Steel in Flowing PbLi
    TPO-45 (Withdrawn)  
    TPO-46 Yamamoto, Yasushi Error Evaluation in Hydrogen Isotope Permeability Measurement of Silicon-Carbide and the Required Degree of Vacuum
    TPO-47 Utin, Yury Final Design and Start of Manufacture of the ITER Vacuum Vessel Ports
    TPO-48 Aktaa, Jarir Impact of Pulsed Operation on Lifetime of Demo Blanket
    TPO-49 Maione, Ivan Parametric Analysis of EM Loads Acting on Demo Vertical Segments with Respect to Module's Dimension
    TPO-50 PAK, Sunil Resonance of the ITER Diagnostic Upper Port Plug with EM Loads During a Plasma Disruption
    TPO-51 Bühler, Leo Influence of Uninsulated Gaps Between Flow Channel Inserts in Ducts of DCLL Blankets
    TPO-52 Mistrangelo, Chiara Influence of Variable Heat Source on Magneto Convective Flows in HCLL Blankets
    TPO-53 Mardenfeld, Michael Novel Use of Water Soluble Aquapour as Temporary Spacer During Coil Winding for the NSTX-U Centerstack
    TPO-54 Zhang, Shanwen Mechanical Analysis for ITER Upper ELM Coil
    TPO-55 Yang, Hong Thermal and Hydraulic Analysis of ITER Upper VS Coil
    TPO-56 Liu, Xufeng Conceptual Design and Analysis of CFETR Magnets
    TPO-57 Ni, Xiaojun Finite Element Analysis of Springback in Roll-Bend Forming for CICC
    TPO-58 Jurczynski, S.Z. Solder Development and Fabrication Techniques for Coolant Tube Bonding in Toroidal Field Conductors for the National Spherical Tourus Experiment Center Stack Upgrade
    TPO-59 Cai, Lijun Electromagnetic Loads Prediction and Structural Analysis of HL-2M Toroidal Field Coils
    TPO-60 Tsuchiya, Katsuhiko Mechanical Design of the Central Solenoid Assembly for the JT-60SA Tokamak
    TPO-61 Liu, Sumei The Tolerance Analysis for ITER Feeder CTB&SBB Components
    TPO-62 Zheng, Jinxing Concept Design of Hybrid Superconducting Magnet for CFETR Tokamak Reactor
    TPO-63 Zatz, Irving Development of a Process to Build Polyimide Insulated Magnets for Operation at 350 C
    TPO-64 Rummel, Kerstin Experiences from the Installation of the Superconducting Bus Bar System of Wendelstein 7-X
    TPO-65 Zolfaghari, Ali Electromagnetic and Structural Analyses of the ITER Central Solenoid Feeder Structures
    TPO-66 Wang, Zhong Thermal Analysis of the ITER TF Feeder Cryogenic Components
    TPO-67 Shen, Guang Design and Analysis of the ITER TF Feeder Dry Box
    TPO-68 Titus, Peter Axisymmetric Simulations of the ITER Vertical Stability Coil
    TPO-69 Kim, Keeman A Preliminary Conceptual Design Study for Korean Fusion Demo Reactor Magnets
    TPO-70 Li, Junjun Preliminary Analysis of the Heat Load of CFETR Superconducting Magnet
    TPO-71 Jin, H. Reduction of Eddy Currents Induced by Resonant Magnetic Perturbation Coils by Inserting High Permeability Materials
    TPO-72 Risse, Konrad W7-X Trim Coils - Component Safety Aspects and Commissioning Strategy
    TPO-73 Cucchiaro, Antonio Manufacturing of the First Toroidal Field Coil for the JT-60sa Magnet System
    TPO-74 Dudek, Lawrence Identifying the Cause of the NSTX TF Coil Bundle Failure
    TPO-76 Brooks, Arthur Thermal And Structural Analysis Of The ITER ELM Coils
    TPO-77 Hora, Henrich Efficient Ignition Of Fusion Using PW-Ps Laser Pulses for Ultrahigh Acceleration of Plasma Blocks
    TPO-78 Garoz Gomez, David Problems and Solutions of Radiation Damage in Final Optics of Laser Fusion Systems
    ThPO-90 Dayton, Matthew The Application of Mid-Range Control to Improve Thermal Disturbance Rejection for Cryogenic THD/DT Layering at the National Ignition Facility
    TPO-79 Miley, George Petawatt Laser Driven Cluster Foils for an Intense Pulsed Neutron Source
    WO2-6 Moral, Nuria Bulk Modulus for Solid Molecular Tritium: Ab Inito Approximation
    TPO-80 Chauvin, Didier Design Progress of Plasma and Outer Vessel Exhaust Gas System Based on LOCA Safety Analysis of W7-X Stellarator
    TPO-81 Wang, Yingqiao Preliminary Results of Glow Discharge Cleaning Test on SWIP Test Bench
    TPO-82 Boussier, Bastien A State Machine Approach to ITER Vacuum Systems Operation and Controls
    TPO-83 (Withdrawn)  
    TPO-84 (Withdrawn)  
    TPO-85 Durocher, Aurelien A R&D Program on Leak Localization Concepts for Actively Cooled Fusion Machines
    TPO-86 Tesfaye, Roza Upgrades to the Alcator C-Mod Gas System
    TPO-87 Sartori, Emanuele Experimental Validation of a Molecular Flow Code with the ARIANNA Setup
    TPO-88 Ni, Muyi Re-Assessment of Tritium Self-Sufficiency for Fusion Reactor
    TPO-89 Lee, Eo Hwak Development of a Flange Type Hydrogen Permeation Sensor for Liquid Breeders
    TPO-90 Moral, Nuria Hydrogen Isotopes and Helium Diffusion Challenges on Future Nuclear Fusion Reactors
    TPO-91 Gentile, Charles Liquid Lithium for the Purpose of Attenuating Tritium Inventory Levels in Fusion Energy Reactors
    TPO-92 (Withdrawn)  
    TPO-93 Santucci, Alessia Impact of Tritium Solubility in Liquid Pb-Li on Tritium Migration in HCLL and WCLL Blankets
    TPO-94 Kwon, Saerom Operation Scenario of DT Fusion Plant Without External Initial Tritium
    TPO-95 Tosti, Silvano Hydrogen Solubility and Electrical Resistivity Measurements of Hydrogenated Pb-Li
    TPO-97 Xia, Linglong Research of the Soft Start Circuit for the High Voltage Power Supply Based on PSM Technology
    TPO-98 Ramakrishnan, Subrahmanya Hardwired Control System Changes for NSTX DC Power Feeds
    TPO-99 Ramakrishnan, Subrahmanya  Power Supply Changes for NSTX Resistive Wall Mode Coils
    TPO-100 Patel, Pareshkumar  Initial Integration of “Regulated High Voltage Power Supply” (RHVPS) with LHCD System of SST-1
    TPO-101 Koktsinskaya, Elena Development and Aging Tests of High Current Busbar Contacts for the ITER Coil Power Supply System
    TPO-102 Hourtoule, Joel ITER Electrical Distribution System
    TPO-103 Mao, Xiaohui A Pulse Step Modulator Cathode Power Supply for ECRH System on Hl-2a Tokamak
    TPO-104 Ma, ShaoXiang High-Voltage Power Supply for ECRH System on J-TEXT Tokamak
    TPO-105 (Withdrawn)  
    TPO-106 (Withdrawn)  
    TPO-107 Egorov, Oleg Generation of High Power Pulse Series Based on Resistive Loads
    TPO-108 Wessel, Frank Pulsed-Inductive-Plasma Thruster
    TPO-109 Yang, Qingxi EBW technology applied on the ICRF Antenna Component
    TPO-110 Zhou, Zibo The Design and R&D Work of EAST Tungsten Divertor
    TPO-111 Ran, Qingxiang ITER HTS-CL Superconducting Linker Preparation and Its Vacuum Soldering
    TPO-112 Nam, Kyoungo Development of ITER Intercoil Structures Assembly Tools for TFC Linkage and Their Mock-Ups
    TPO-113 Li, Qiang The Construction Progress of HL-2M Tokamak
    TPO-114 Grossetti, Giovanni DEMO: Heating and Current Drive System Integration with Blanket System
    TPO-115 LI, Shaoqing New Design of the Support Leg for the ITER Transfer Cask System
    TPO-116 GAO, Qingsheng Structure Design and Test Research on the Electrical Properties of High Voltage Instrumentation Cables for the Fusion Reactor
    TPO-117 (Withdrawn)  
    TPO-118 Sibois, Romain Early Design Verification of ITER Remote Handling Systems Using Digital Mock-Ups
    TPO-119 Miccichè, Gioacchino Design, Manufacturing and Testing of a Fast Disconnecting System for the European Target Assembly Concept of IFMIF
    TPO-120 Cocilovo, Valter Qualification Process and Quality Control Planning for JT-60-Sa Toroidal Field Coils Construction
    TPO-121 Mittwollen, Martin  DEMO - Initiation of Remote Maintenance Requirements
    TPO-122 Modi, Devendra Personnel and Equipment Safety Management for Multi Mega Watt Regulated High Voltage Power Supply (80kv,130A) System
    TPO-123 Sukegawa, Atsuhiko  Comparison with Simulations Using the PHITS code and Activated Materials Analysis toward JT-60SA Radiation Safety Assessment
    TPO-124 Jin, Hyung Gon Sensitivity Study on in-Vessel LOCA of a Korean TBS in ITER
    TPO-125 (Withdrawn)  
    TPO-126 Castro, P. Tritium Extraction System Pipe Break Environmental Impact by Atmospheric Modelling of Tritium Forms Transport
    TPO-127 Chang, Hansoo  A Dynamic Simulation on the Demand of Human Resource for Construction of Korean Fusion Demo
    TPO-128 Tretter, Jörg Configuration Space Control of In-Vessel Components for Wendelstein 7-X
    TPO-129 Vilbrandt, Reinhard Do we need a Quality Management system in Fusion Research? - Experience from W7-X
    TPO-130 Renard, Sébastien Design and Integration of the Ground Level Platform for W7-X
Session TO4: Plasma Control, Divertors — Stanford East
Invited 16:30 TO4-1 Werner, Andreas Cutting Edge Concepts for Control and Data Acquisition for Wendelstein 7-X
Invited 16:50 TO4-2 Luo, Guang-Nan Tungsten-Copper Divertor Development for EAST
Invited 17:10 TO4-3 Ruzic, David Latest Developments on Liquid Lithium at Illinois and Recent Experiments Around the World
Oral 17:30 TO4-4 (Withdrawn)  
Oral 17:30 TO4-5 Visca, Eliseo Assessment of an ITER-like Water-Cooled Divertor for DEMO

Session TO5: MFE Heating and Current Drive — Stanford West
Invited 16:30 TO5-1 Thumm, Manfred Recent Advances in the Gyrotron Development Activities Worldwide
Invited 16:50 TO5-2 Henderson, Mark ITER Heating and Current Drive Systems
Oral 17:10 TO5-3 Nocentini, Riccardo Development of a Large RF Ion Source for the ITER Neutral Beam Injector: Project Overview and First Results of ELISE
Oral 17:25 TO5-4 Bandyopadhyay, Mainak Progress of Two RF Driver Based Negative Ion Source Experiment
Oral 17:40 TO5-5 Agostinetti, Piero Realization and Testing of Grid Prototypes for the ITER Neutral Beam Injectors

Session TO6: Fabrication and Assembly I — Gold Suite
Invited 16:30 TO6-1 Sborchia, Carlo Design and Manufacture of the ITER Vacuum Vessel
Invited 16:50 TO6-2 Blackler, Ken ITER Assembly, Maintenance, and Availability
Invited 17:10 TO6-3 Loesser, G. Douglas Design Progress of ITER Diagnostic First Wall
Oral 17:30 TO6-4 Pathak, Hareshbhai Manufacturing of ITER Vacuum Vessel In-Wall Shielding
Oral 17:45 TO6-5 Kumar, A. Preliminary Design of ITER Component Cooling Water System and Heat Rejection System


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