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Symposium on Fusion Engineering (SOFE) Publications

SOFE will produce both an unrefereed conference record (proceedings) and a peer-reviewed special issue of the IEEE journal Transactions on Plasma Science.
The tentative schedule (subject to change) is:

SOFE Proceedings
April 15, 2013 Submission opens for proceedings manuscripts
June 11, 2013 Submission deadline for proceedings manuscripts
TPS Journal
June 3, 2013 Submission opens for journal manuscripts
August 1, 2013 Submission deadline for journal manuscripts
October 18, 2013 Peer review deadline
January 6, 2014 Revised journal manuscripts due
March 2014 Journal publication

SOFE Proceedings: Instructions for Manuscript Submission

SOFE manuscript submittal is now open. Manuscripts are due by the start of the symposium (June 11, 2013). Authors are encouraged to submit as early as possible. Submissions must be made electronically in a manner similar to abstracts. ALL AUTHORS MUST use the template provided by IEEE (see below). Copyright forms also can be completed on-line.

  • Page length limitations (strictly enforced)
    • Contributed: 6 pages
    • Invited: 8 pages
    • Plenary: 8 pages
  • Manuscript template Download Word Doc
  • Your Microsoft Word document must be converted to PDF before uploading.
  • Use IEE PDF eXpress to create a PDF file of your Word document that passes the compatibility check.
    • The Conference ID = SOFE2013x
    • Fix any problems that get reported during this process.
    • You will receive the converted PDF file in email.
    • More info on PDF file specifications: Download PDF
  • Select “Paper Submission” on SOFE home, then hit “Submit Paper” button.
  • Login with the email address and password used to submit your abstract.
  • Select “Paper Submission” from the menu bar.
  • Select the tab “Upload SOFE Manuscript”. Upload your PDF file. Resolve errors if reported. Once submitted the file will be saved.
  • Click “Continue Submission”.
  • Also be sure to submit a copyright form. Follow the instructions to sign and submit this form, you will receive a confirmation email with the form attached. The confirmation of receipt will be listed on the “Paper Submission” page as well.
  • A publications desk will be available at the symposium to assist authors.

Questions? Contact the Publications Chair or Deputy Chair at:

SOFE Special Issue of Transactions on Plasma Science (TPS)

Authors who submit a paper to the proceedings (and present at the symposium) will be invited to expand on their conference paper for submission to a special issue of the IEEE journal Transactions on Plasma Science. The deadline for submission of the journal article is August 1, 2013. Journal paper must use the same template as for the proceedings given above.

The TPS paper must be an extended version of the Proceedings paper with a different title.  It can be the same topic, but it cannot be identical. When submitting your paper through the TPS web site, please select “SOFE2013 Special Issue.”

The Guest Editors for the Special Issue are:
Irving Zatz, PPPL (Lead editor)
Stephan Bosch, IPP-Greifswald
Bill Cary, General Atomics
Dennis Youchison, SNL

Additional information on manuscript submission can be found at the journal web site. Page charges will apply; however, the editor may agree to waive page charges for the first 5 pages if this presents an undue hardship on the submitting institution.


Paper Submission